Celluless Glove


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Product Description

This is a dual-purpose use of gloves to the latest technology developed in Korea, the picture is displayed on both sides have different sizes of granules.

  • Large particles – for the body, and can effectively get rid of the body of dirt and have a good therapeutic effect for cellulite. Of course, with some weight loss of oil or shower gel to achieve a multiplier effect. Can reduce a lot of time for you, and also to see satisfactory results.
  • Small particles – for the face, can be used to wash your face and also sculpture, let that double chin disappear, become the oval face.

The gloves suitable for slimming massage and facial massage.

Slimming Massage:

With thin gel will effectively promote and smooth cellulite. Moreover, it can make your skin firm, and also make your skin regains its elasticity.

Facial Massage:

Use the soft particles, and then with the massage cream or cleansing cream. It helps to exfoliate the skin regains its elasticity and effectively remove makeup residue.

Special Notes: If you have a weak and fragile skin please use with caution, do not over stimulate your skin.

  • Weight ?110G
  • Height and Length ?18.5cm X 11cm
  • Material ?Silicone
  • Made In Korea

Additional Information

Weight 110gm oz


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